Management Information System and Technology

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Management Information System and Technology

Data, Information, and Knowledge for Organizational Competitive Advantage

Data, Information, and Knowledge In daily conversation, the words data, information, and knowledge are commonly used interchangeably. However, in the context of information systems, the three words have a separate meanings. Bourgeois, (2019) defined data as raw unprocessed facts, that may be devoid of context or purpose, while information is […]

Knowledge economy skills todays manager needs that were not required a decade ago
Management Information System and Technology

Knowledge Economy: Skills Today’s Managers Need that weren’t Required a Decade Ago

Today’s information technology has shaped all aspects of human life. It is only imperative that information technology has also impacted all different landscapes of business disciplines. It enables the rise of the knowledge economy and information economy where organizations depend heavily on rich data gathered in real-time. It affects all […]

definition of strategic management case of sun tzu and patagonia
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Patagonia Information Technology and Business Sustainability Case

How Patagonia achieve sustainable competitive advantage Patagonia is a famous outdoor apparel brand, but the most stand-out identity of Patagonia is its genuine support for good causes, especially environmental causes. The company is committed to not only producing the best product but to using the overall business to protect nature […]