Project Management

Balanced Scorecard for Website Development Project Photo by Lautaro Andreani on Unsplash
Project Management

Balanced Scorecard for Website Development Project

Introduction: Balanced Scorecard for Website Development Project Strategy infers the way a company develops from its present position to a desirable but uncertain future position (Tharp, 2007). In project management, leaders can be trapped in the focus on tactical measures but lose focus on strategic importance. A balanced Scorecard can […]

simplicity as a key competitive advantage Depreciation expenses in capital projects and leasing arrangements underestimating or overestimating a project Photo by Beequip on Unsplash
Project Management

Underestimating or Overestimating a Project

Estimating a project, whether about the cost, the duration, or the benefit of it, is a crucial part of that can determine the success of the project. This article will respond to some of the questions regarding estimates inaccuracies, whether it is underestimating or overestimating a project. Here, the article […]

Robust Project Management Approach and Adherence to Standards LAMP-H Stakeholder Photo by Octavian Dan on Unsplash
Case Study, Project Management

The LAMP-H Case Stakeholder Analysis

Introduction Stakeholder satisfaction is the ultimate success indicator of a project, along with the main objective of the project (Watt, 2014). If a project provides benefits to the key stakeholders, it will be considered successful. However, a project usually has various stakeholders, and their expectations rarely coincide. If a stakeholder […]