For Red Lobster, a company that has just reshaped its vision and values, a job description document can be a primary tool to effectively communicate the vision and values to the employees or potential employees. Further, a well-written job description can increase the overall managerial process and save costs. Due to a better description of the job, Red Lobster can hire one of every six candidates it interviewed rather than only one of nine, and it can cause a reduction in managerial turnover, saving about $7 million in annual costs (Philips & Gully, 2015). This article will examine the process of developing a job description for Red Lobster’s Restaurant Managers, starting from the job design and job analysis process as a basis for the job description.

Job Design and Job Analysis Process

A well-written job description is established upon a comprehensive job analysis. Dessler (2020) stated that job analysis is the procedure to determine the duties of a position in a company and the characteristics of the people to hire for them. A job analysis will generate information that will be necessary for writing job descriptions and job specifications. It will consider a position in terms of work activities, human behavior, performance standard, job context, human requirements, as well as the required machine, tools, equipment, and work aids. The information can be gathered using qualitative or narrative techniques such as interviews, questionnaires, observations, and activity logs. Hence, the process will be outlined using a process as follows (Getting the Right People, n.d.).

  1. Identify the values of the company
  2. Determine the primary tasks and responsibilities
  3. Determine the experience, knowledge, skills, and other characteristics that are required to carry out the tasks and responsibilities
  4. Identify working conditions as well as physical and mental requirements
  5. Identify the internal equity and external recognition implications of job titles
  6. Write and develop the job description

The description will be written as concisely and succinctly as possible with personally engaging language as suggested by How to Write Effective Job Postings: Job Description and Skills (n.d.). The number of criteria will be limited to only the very core because too many requirements can overly restrict candidate numbers and skew the candidate pool (Torrington et al., 2020). The criteria will be developed to reduce its tendency to invite employees who share very similar characteristics and who address problems with the same basic mindset.

Job Description for Red Lobster Restaurant Managers

The restaurant manager position will have the responsibility to organize and manage daily restaurant operations with the main objectives of managing costs, organizing a high-quality service and experience for customers, and ultimately maintaining revenue streams. The manager will also be responsible for personnel management as well as coordination of inventory management. Since Red Lobster is a seafood restaurant, the manager will also be responsible for the seafood handling.

To ensure manager skills and capability, it will be necessary to require a Bachelor’s degree in hospitality or hospitality training from a community college for this position. The managers must at least have extensive experience working in the food and beverage service industry. A high school diploma may also be necessary to ensure the candidate has underlying basic knowledge. Further, this position may require a proof seafood handler certification, which can be obtained by attending a short course or relevant program. The best people in this position are passionate about hospitality and giving the best service to the customers. They have strong leadership and managerial skills as well as attention to detail. With this information, the job description will be developed as follows.

Job Title: Red Lobster Restaurant Manager

Currently, Red Lobster operates over 670 casual-dining seafood restaurants in the US and Canada. Restaurant managers will fill the leadership position in these restaurants to pursue the company’s mission with creativity and passion.

Overall Purpose Statement

Here at Red Lobster, we aimed to provide the best tropical seafood experience for our customers. We are proud of the hospitality of our staff who also bring more fun to the experience.  We’re now hiring experienced Restaurant Managers to join our growing team of over 63,000 passionate people. If you’re excited to be part of our highly driven and passionate team, Red Lobster is an excellent place to get ahead. Apply today!

Primary Duties and Job Responsibilities

  • Manage restaurant’s daily operation to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Manage restaurant budgets and control costs to minimize expenses
  • Manage restaurant personnel by hiring, training, motivating, and supervising staff
  • Create staff schedule to ensure appropriate staffing
  • Address customer needs, comments, and complaints
  • Track stock levels of supplies and equipment, forecast needs, and oversee ordering
  • Adhere to and enforce employee compliance with health, safety, and sanitation standards
  • Process payroll and maintain all relevant records
  • Ensure all employees are working within outlined operating standards
  • Report on financial performance, inventory, and personnel

Decision-making Requirements

You will be required to have a sound decision-making process since you will have a leadership position in the restaurant. You will regularly be challenged by decision-making problems related to operational, financial, and personnel issues. It will be a challenging yet exciting job for you who pursue managerial excellence in the hospitality industry.

Description of the Relationships and Roles within Red Lobster

You will lead a Red Lobster restaurant’s operation and hold a supervisory position for all the staff at your assigned restaurant. In the company, you will regularly report to the Director of Operational and receive strategic orders from the company’s executives. You will also establish a good relationship with the restaurant’s suppliers and support functions.

Minimum Qualifications and Requirements

  • A high school diploma or its equivalent; Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality is preferred
  • 3 to 5 years of experience in the food and beverage service industry or hospitality industry
  • Ability to obtain and maintain a food handler certification card
  • Working knowledge and understanding of general restaurant operations, including personnel management, food supply planning and preparation, purchasing, sanitation and health codes, and security
  • Working knowledge of general restaurant cost structure
  • Excellent leadership skills supported by strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Comfortable setting priorities and delegating tasks as needed
  • Extremely organized and detail-oriented

Red Lobster: Our Value and Culture

At Red Lobster, people should feel the warmth and the fun of a tropical seafood experience, employees and customers alike. When you visit a Red Lobster restaurant, you will find highly motivated employees giving the best service to our customers with the utmost hospitality. Our managerial team members are passionate about growth, creativity, innovation, and hospitality. We are constantly striving to improve and better ourselves so that we can enhance our services. If you have the required hospitality mindset and you want to grow together as a team, you are a great fit to join us!

Conclusion: Red Lobster Job Description

The job description for Red Lobster’s restaurant manager position is written using a systematic approach. It begins with gathering information about the job in the job analysis and job design process. Then the job description is written concisely and succinctly, using a personally engaging approach. For further assessment, the job description can be evaluated before it can be released in job postings.


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