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atlantic lumber trader photo by Nicola Pavan on Unsplash
Case Study

Atlantic Lumber Trader Case Study Review

This article will examine the case study written by Roberts and Hendry (1991) about one of the prominent lumber wholesalers, Atlantic Lumber Trader (ALT). The case study revolves around Lynne Thomas’ perspective as a credit assistant at the Maritime Bank who was ordered to review the loan profile of the […]

Atlantic Waterfowl Celebration Photo by Steve Smith on Unsplash
Case Study

Atlantic Waterfowl Celebration Case Study Review

This article will review the case study written by Fullerton (1995) about the Atlantic Waterfowl Celebration (AWC), a non-profit organization that held the annual waterfowl ecotourism festival with the same name. The case study takes on the perspective of Carol Currie and Lew Clarke, which were the leaders of the […]

Cambridge Suites Halifax Case Study Luxury Hotel Customer Behavior Mandarin Oriental Hotel Photo by Marten Bjork on Unsplash
Case Study, Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior

Motivational Factors and Working Environment at The Mandarin Oriental Hotel Case Study

Introduction In order to improve its excellence in customer satisfaction, Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Bangkok provided a unique approach that aimed to improve the well-being of its human resource. As the world leader in hospitality management, the hotel ensures that the highest level of customer service can be provided by […]