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volkswagen's strategy 2025 global brand Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash
Case Study, Marketing

Volkswagen’s Strategy 2025 Review

Introduction Almost every recent book about business ethics has mentioned the story of the Volkswagen emission scandal as a real ethics violation case to study. The magnitude of this case was not only hurt the brand but the overall operation of the company. The company had to pay more than […]

J.Co Donuts vs Dunkin Donuts

J.Co Donuts vs Dunkin Donuts

When Dunkin Donuts came to Indonesia in 1985, it simply had no serious competitor. Many Indonesian hardly even knew about donuts. Dunkin Donuts was the first company to popularize it here in the country. The global company remained the market leader for years until a local brand, J.Co Donuts, launched […]

Demographics and Consumers' Decision-making Photo by Alex Hudson on Unsplash

Demographics and Consumers’ Decision-making

There are reasons why you will not see alcohol-based drink manufacturers gain a massive market in Muslim-majority countries. There are also reasons why you will not see a Louis Vuitton store or sports car dealership here in my small rural town. The main reason perhaps is an obvious one: the […]

coffee roaster marketing analysis, coffee arabica

Coffee Roaster Marketing Analysis

The coffee industry provides a unique landscape that is interesting to observe. The fact that there are only a few countries that produce the bean on a massive scale creates a sophisticated supply chain. While producers are mainly from tropical countries, the main consumers are European countries and the United […]