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People-oriented Leadership, Transactional, and Transformational Leadership

People-oriented leadership, as well as transactional and transformational leadership are not a new concept in the leadership studies. Managers can successfully utilize these styles to improve their leadership effectiveness. They tend to use transactional leadership for subordinates that have clear performance indicators and use transformational leadership for subordinates in managerial […]

contribution margin selling, general, and administrative costs for Tesla and manufacturing costs for tesla Photo by Paul Steuber on Unsplash
Managerial Accounting

Selling, General, and Administrative Costs for Tesla

Aside from its sophisticated manufacturing facility, Tesla has also an intricacy in its organization, which will distinguish its non-manufacturing costs. Its persistence to use direct distribution channels to its customers will differentiate its cost structure compared to other auto companies. This article will examine the selling, general, and administrative costs […]

autocratic, bureaucratic, and charismatic leadership Photo by History in HD on Unsplash
Leadership, Organizational Behavior

Autocratic, Bureaucratic, and Charismatic Leadership with Real Leader Examples

No leadership style is effective for all circumstances (Kinicki & Fugate, 2017). Scholars have identified three traditional leadership styles: autocratic, bureaucratic, and charismatic leadership. These styles have their advantages and disadvantages that may be suitable in a particular circumstance, but not suitable in a different situation. The autocratic leadership style […]